LE Models E.626.076

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Perfect 1:87 scale reproduction of the electric locomotive E626.076 2nd series of the FS with rebuilt front boxes same as 4th series, constructor SNOS (Società Nazionale Officine di Savigliano), as it was during the second half of ‘70 years (era IV). “Castano/isabella” livery (dark brown/light brown), pantographs type 42LR with wide base, Signalling Repetition, assigned to Alessandria depot.


All other details comply with the historical setting: original central part of bodyshell with side grills, original side cabin windows, original wooden cabin doors, electric tachometer command on third axle, reproduction of doors for corridor and AT room with different position between the two cabins, old type air couplers, modern buffers and front lamps, rail guards with Signalling Repetition captators and brake rearm button. Complete service inscriptions in yellow and tanks revision dates in white, old type front markings with “shadow”.

Some of the E626 second series rebuilt after the war with unified equipments that received the pantographs type 42LR, including the E626.076, maintained the isolators’ position of the original pantographs type 32; this implied the construction of a new wider base for the 42LR pantographs, in order to install them without problems over the existing isolators. This machine was also one of the first units to receive the Signalling Repetition since the second half of ‘70 years; this feature was visible externally by the presence of the captators behind the front rail guards, the brake rearm buttons and the TELOC electric tachometer that replaced the old mechanic one.

Dit is een gelijkstroom (DCC) model.

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